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Enhancing Leadership Capabilities with Executive Coaching

Enhancing Leadership Capabilities with Executive Coaching 


At The Leadership Coaches, we frequently work with leaders and C-suite executives looking to enhance their skills and capabilities. Sometimes this is a result of feedback from peers, and it can also be due to seeking further opportunities and future aspirations. 


Recently, Sam*, a leader working in financial services completed their executive coaching journey with executive coach Simon. With aspirations to move forward in their career and advance their skills, they had several goals in mind prior to starting executive coaching. 


During, Sam explored what prevented them from being their best, and what they wanted to achieve from coaching. Working with Simon, an experienced executive coach, Sam made progress towards their professional objectives. 


If, like Sam, you are hoping to enhance your executive skills and capabilities, learn more about how executive coaching can support you by learning more about Sam’s experience below.  


Identifying What Sam Wanted From Coaching 

At The Leadership Coaches, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients get exactly what they need from executive coaching. For this reason, our coaching journey begins with a discovery call to ensure that we understand what each person hopes to achieve by the time they complete coaching.  


Following this discovery call, we match the coachee with two potential coaches who we believe would be suitable for them based on the discovery call. In this instance, after a coach-matching process, Sam chose Simon as their coach. 


As the coaching relationship commenced, Simon took the time to learn in more detail the context for Sam's participation in coaching. These conversations revealed that Sam’s aspirations weren't merely about climbing the corporate ladder; they were about becoming the best version of themselves as a leader. 


With the guidance of their executive coach, Sam delved into the core of their ambitions and challenges. Together, they uncovered what was holding Sam back from reaching their full potential and outlined clear objectives to address them. 


One of the primary focuses of Sam's coaching journey was on enhancing their leadership abilities. In addition, Sam identified that they wanted to improve their communication and delegation skills. They also sought to elevate their impact in meetings, recognising them as critical opportunities to influence decisions and drive progress within their team. 


In the fast-paced world of finance, remaining composed under pressure is paramount. Understanding this, Sam also identified this as one of their primary goals for executive coaching. 


Lastly, Sam shared with their coach that they wanted to ensure they were able to hold people to account. 


The Impact of Coaching 

As Sam delved deeper into their executive coaching journey, they began to experience the benefits of executive coaching. For example, coaching conversations supported Sam in paying attention to what their colleagues were saying to them. By sharpening their focus and being more present in their interactions, Sam cultivated stronger connections with their team members, fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect. 


In addition, Sam found themself actively listening thanks to the support of their coach. Through empathetic listening, Sam not only heard but truly understood the perspectives of others, leading to more meaningful and productive conversations. By taking the time to listen attentively, Sam demonstrated a genuine interest in their team's input and valued their opinions. 


Moreover, Sam made a conscious effort to take other people's opinions into account, recognising the diverse perspectives of their people. By fostering an inclusive environment where everyone's voice was heard and valued, Sam cultivated a sense of belonging and collaboration within their team. 


As Sam refined their communication skills, they became adept at articulating themselves better, conveying their ideas with clarity and conviction. Furthermore, Sam recognised the importance of empowering their team. They understood that true leadership was not about exerting control but about inspiring and enabling others to reach their full potential.  


Take Advantage of Executive Coaching Today 

If, like Sam, you want to enhance your skills and capabilities in the workplace, executive coaching can support you in doing just that. 


At The Leadership Coaches, we provided coaching to this client as a ‘one-stop panel provider’ where they had the opportunity to select from twenty executive coaches all under one roof. We do all the due diligence for them, and we also do the coach matching service.    


Our coaching matching services see the coachee and our CEO, Zoé Lewis, having a conversation to establish their expectations of coaching and what’s important to them when working with a coach. Zoé then looks across the team and matches them with one or two coaches whom they review on the website and then have chemistry calls with those they resonate with.    


All of this is completely free of charge – clients only start to pay once they’ve selected their coach and started working with them.  


*Sam: name has been changed for confidentiality purposes. 

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