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Charity of The Year

Wen’s mission is to inspire, connect and mobilise people to take action on issues that connect gender, equality, health and the environment - it’s the only charity working on this in the UK.  Founded in 1988, Wen’s projects and campaigns are groundbreaking - working both nationally and at a grassroots level through community-led projects in East London. 

The Leadership Coaches charity of the year and 1% of the Planet partner is Wen, the Women’s Environmental Network

“Women taking action for a healthier planet.”

“Wen, like all charities, is special. It particularly resonates with The Leadership Coaches as we love to see potential fulfilled especially amongst groups who have previously been marginalised. Wen’s work in the communities, from helping women set up self-sufficient community food growing spaces, to challenging the impact on the environment of period products through their ‘Environmenstrual’ campaign, all link with two of our own key-value areas – helping exceptional talent through opportunity, whilst serving the world around us in a kinder way. We are delighted to be partnered and look forward to helping through both actions and financial support.”


Zoe Lewis, CEO, The Leadership Coaches

[Photo of some of the team at Wen]

Wen, the Women’s Environmental Network.
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Here are some of Wen's projects and campaigns:

To find out more about Wen and how to join the network visit:

We're Trusted By

Kate Metcalf, Co-Director, Wen

“We’re really excited to be working closely with The Leadership Coaches this year. Key to Wen’s mission is to support and encourage women and other marginalised groups to take action on issues around their health and the environment. As a charity, we rely on the support of organisations, both financially but also by sharing knowledge and skills. We’re really looking forward to being able to offer their leadership coaching to our Climate Sisters, supporting them to have a voice on the issues that matter to them. Partnering up with Wen also opens up lots of opportunities for organisations to learn more about our work as well as getting hands-on experience in our community projects.”

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