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Leading With a Coaching Style

Are you concerned that there's too much transactional focus in your organisation? Do you think your current leadership is slow and bureaucratic? Perhaps you've observed that problems within the organisation are solved with a siloed approach?

Leading with a coaching style often mitigates issues such as those noted above, allowing organisations to move away from pure target setting towards more transformational outcomes that enhance the potential of the organisation. It additionally supports leaders in looking at the whole system and identifying how the team can work together for better results. But how can you develop your skills?

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About Our Leading with a Coaching Style Course

Our Leading with a Coaching Style course is designed for senior leaders who have responsibility for strategic direction within the organisation.


This course requires leaders to have already established a coaching style in their conversations, meetings, and approaches to establishing culture and values. A coaching style has the power to unleash potential across the organisation, supporting purpose and inspiring customers, clients, investors, employees, and the wider society alike.


During this course, leaders will be given time to experience coaching others and being coached by others. Leaders will use techniques that allow them to observe the impact of their interventions on systems and strategy.


This course additionally aims to provide leaders with a coaching approach for organisational leadership, system thinking, creating a safe and inspirational culture, and gaining alignment with their vision.

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

Bill Gates

What Areas Are Covered During The Course?

Our Leading with a Coaching Style course covers the following areas for managers and leaders:


  • Personal philosophy of leadership maturity

  • Moving conversations from transactional to transformational

  • Creating a distributed leadership model using a coaching style

  • Using a systems thinking coaching style approach

  • Creating a learning culture

  • Achieving psychological commitment to the vision and mission

Learning Objectives​

  • Examine the characteristics of a mature leader to have conversations that are transformational, not transactional.

  • Employ coaching methods to distribute leadership that creates powerful teams.

  • Develop a coaching approach for system thinking to provide a systemic approach to improvement.

  • Identify how the organisation learns and develop a plan for a learning culture that brings about future capability and capacity.

  • Develop a coaching methodology for gaining psychological commitment to leaders’ vision and mission that provides alignment and drive.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our Leading with a Coaching Style course below. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly.

  • The Leading with a Coaching Style course requires the participants to have previous experience in coaching. If the participant has no previous coaching experience we would recommend our ‘Developing a Coaching Style’ course, or if the participant has experience but requires a refresher, we recommend our ‘Coaching Refresher’ course.

  • Our courses are led by experienced facilitators who are expert and accredited coaches.

  • Our facilitators follow an action learning style where significant time is given to experiencing learning rather than delivering in a didactic style. This results in deep learning that is enjoyable, active, engaging, and remembered and that will embed in your practice.

  • Yes. It is important that leaders have already received coach training and have established this in their practice. If you require coach training then we would recommend our ‘Developing a Coaching Style’ course.

  • The online course sessions are sequential in nature and follow a specific learning journey and design. It will therefore be important that you are able to commit to each session. In the event of exceptional circumstances, these can be discussed with our Director of Coaching who will explore alternative arrangements for you.


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Whom Is This Course Aimed At?

Existing senior leaders or aspiring senior leaders who wish to develop their coaching style and culture with a focus on organisational systems and strategy.

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Course Delivery

Our Developing a Coaching Style course can be delivered either virtually, comprising of four bite-size sessions of two hours followed by a single half-day session of three hours and 30 minutes (five sessions in total).


If face-to-face, the course can be delivered over two full days.


Participants keep a learning journal made up of short comments on learning. Participants also engage in two one-to-one supervision sessions with an accredited and experienced executive coach.


These sessions are confidential meetings that aim to provide a coaching space for participants to discuss reflections from the course, their belief system, and their coaching approach.

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