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Adair's Action-Centred Leadership Model

John Adair is a leadership expert, during his research, he has proved that leadership is a learned set of behaviours and skills, as opposed to the belief that “leaders are born”.

Adair's Action-Centred Leadership Model

Adair's Action-Centred Leadership model is simple and easy to understand. It shows 3 overlapping circles that include: 1. Achieve the task 2. Build and maintain the team 3. Develop the individual Adair's Action-Centred Leadership Model explains the importance of interdependencies and that if one area is too large or too small it has a detrimental effect on the other areas.

Take an example of a leader who is very focused on the individuals, less so on the team and task.

The team will likely suffer from a lack of need to be cohesive, collaborate and connect for a common purpose, the task is likely to suffer as the teams are proven to achieve more collectively than alone, indeed the individuals might suffer as too much attention is being placed upon them.

Try this:

Imagine you are in a helicopter hovering over each of these areas, your role as a leader is to spot which one needs your attention, touch down and take action and then take to the sky again to see the big picture.


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