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Building Trust In Hybrid Teams

Leadership Coach Ian White recently facilitated the fourth instalment of our virtual workshops. Delving into Building Trust In Hybrid Teams, Ian provided valuable insight and shared his knowledge with attendees throughout the session.

Many attendees provided feedback from the workshop. Below, you will find just a few testimonials.

"Workshops delivered by skilled and knowledgeable coaches in a safe learning environment, bringing together theory and practical guidance with a focus on current leadership challenges."

"Great to attend the "Building Trust in Hybrid Teams" workshop. A timely reminder of what the characteristics of a high-performance team are, how the shift to hybrid is impacting teams, and the importance of trust as the bedrock for any successful team. Many thanks to Ian White and Zoe Lewis from TLC for facilitating such a lively and thought-provoking session!"

"I find the atmosphere warm and welcoming. The range of delegates is amazing, and the discussions rich and meaningful. I always take a lot away from these sessions. The topic was an issue that I had not given much consideration to, and I found it quite revelatory."

"Highly interactive, considering it was 100% virtual. What helped was there weren't too many delegates, so it was easy to have a live discussion and use the chat functionality, and the breakout rooms were of a good size."

"Thank you for another great workshop! Really informative, very useful and enjoyable."

Our next virtual workshop will be hosted in September, with more information coming soon. If you would like to attend or register your interest in finding out more, please email, or sign up to our mailing list here.

Once again, here at the Leadership Coaches, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that joined our Building Trust in Hybrid Teams workshop.

If you wish to expand your knowledge surrounding building trust in hybrid teams, how leadership can develop trust among teams, or systemic coaching for hybrid teams, please visit our news page today. We have a wide range of articles available for you to read.


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