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Connecting Teams During The Pandemic

Here at The Leadership Coaches, we have recently facilitated our second complimentary workshop titled ‘Connecting Teams During The Pandemic’.

The workshop, which was led by Leadership Coach Terry Neild, saw participants identify what they are doing well, and the areas that require improvement in their connecting, identify what great future connections look and feel like and create a plan of action to enable the future to become reality.

Throughout the workshops, participants were also encouraged to interact with others in small groups. In doing so, they were able to discuss the ways in which the pandemic has affected their workplace and the connections between themselves and their team members. Participants were also encouraged to share what they are doing well, what opportunities have arisen and any challenges they find themselves facing.

Upon doing so, thoughts and ideas were shared with the group. The image below highlights some of the thoughts that participants shared with one another.

Image showing how the pandemic is affecting our teams

As the workshop progressed, Terry asked participants what they need to put in place to ensure that everyone is connected now, and in the future. Participants were once again encouraged to share their thoughts with others. The image below highlights the information shared between participants.

Thoughts about Connecting Teams During The Pandemic

As the workshop came to an end, Terry provided his top tips for connecting teams during the pandemic.

Tips for Connecting Teams During The Pandemic

Following on from the workshop, we are delighted to have received positive feedback from our attendees. Below, you will find just a few pieces of feedback provided to us.

“Another excellent workshop delivered by The Leadership Coaches that was both informative and thought-provoking. Some good ideas to take away and implement.”

“I attended a highly interactive session on 'Connecting Teams During the Pandemic'. It was well facilitated and the discussion and ideas that came out of the session were really valuable.”

“I left the leadership session today with new and inspiring ideas on how to engage our workforce in meaningful and impactful ways. Thank you, The Leadership Coaches!”

At The Leadership Coaches, we are looking forward to hosting additional complimentary workshops in the near future. If you would like to attend, please register your interest by emailing


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