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With over 20 years of leadership and management development expertise, former CIPD facilitator and a passionate advocate of effective learning and development solutions, Zoé Lewis founded The Leadership Coaches. Holding an ideology that if coaching is to be done, it should be done well. No 'one size fits all' and certainly no "let's just pay for 6 sessions and hope it works" are a key part of the integrity value she holds close as she leads a team of fantastic coaches to deliver impactful solutions. 


Setting the standard for executive coaches,  Zoé has turned down in excess of 150 coaches who call themselves "executive coaches" but don't meet the strict criteria set by The Leadership Coaches, designed with clients to establish a world-class coaching cadre. 


Human Resources Directors, Leadership & Management Managers, and Talent Specialists appreciate Zoé's ability to ask challenging questions and ensure coaching is being used for the right reasons to support the right outcomes, these stakeholders are repeatedly impressed with the outcomes achieved and The Leadership Coaches are proud to have a 100% success rate when it comes to coachees make progress towards their objectives through executive coaching.


Having expanded significantly since their launch in January 2020, The Leadership Coaches now provides executive coaching across the globe and has been identified by the Department for Business and Trade as 'one to watch' for global expansion. 


In addition to this, Zoé has a passion for doing good and this sees the business always working with a partner charity, in addition to volunteering on a mentee programme for care leavers, as well as being members of 1% for the Planet, and occassionally jumping out of planes! However, if you speak to Zoé, she'll tell you, "this isn't enough, we need to and want to create our own Charitable Trust - The Leadership Coaches Charitable Trust" so when you choose The Leadership Coaches you are contributing to exceptional coaching for your leaders, whilst helping us address some of the key challenges in the world which we are passionate about: inequity and poverty.


A personal desire of Zoé's is that we see much more diversity in leadership boards, and that is a key part of where the desire to develop future leaders stems from - she's always happy to open this discussion! 

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Our Story

The Leadership Coaches

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Executive coaches at The Leadership Coaches
The Leadership Coaches

To help organisations create an environment where their leaders can thrive and inspire their teams to deliver outstanding results for all stakeholders. 

Our Purpose

The Leadership Coaches

To provide tailor-made coaching, leadership and management solutions to individuals and teams within medium and large organisations. 

Our Mission

The Leadership Coaches

To be recognised as the world-class provider of coaching for transformational change leadership.

Our Vision

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