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A former customer services director at Virgin Atlantic Airways, where she was responsible for managing the airport operations across twenty-six airports in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa and leading a 100-strong training team, Julie brings over 25 years of commercial experience to her leadership and team coaching. Having worked at Executive Director and Director levels in several sectors, Julie has extensive experience directing global teams, leading change, and turning strategy into results.

Passionate about helping others to achieve success as she was when leading her own teams, Julie’s coaching philosophy is grounded in leadership, team development, and organisational change theories. Having made several transitions herself and in her coaching development, Julie understands the skills and values required when transitioning through leadership levels and the challenges leaders face when moving into more senior roles or a different environment.

She understands that a leader’s capability is just one component in a complex system of interacting elements in organisations and that the system is a substantial determinant of performance. Consequently, she advocates a systems approach to her coaching. She prefers to practice transpersonal coaching as it helps clients to undergo personal change. She loves that the transpersonal perspective recognises the vast untapped resource in the wealth of human experience and potential. Therefore, she uses several coaching approaches to help clients change their relationships with whatever they face.

Clients typically work with Julie when leading change, developing teams, and developing the skills required to maximise their leadership potential. She helps clients gain more self-awareness and understand the impact they have on others with an insightful and challenging style whilst remaining pragmatic and empathetic. She takes a positive approach with clients in developing motivating goals, focusing on what works, looking at success and how to achieve it, and leveraging strengths.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Leadership development 

  • Leadership team development 

  • Understanding self and impact on others with Insights Discovery 

  • Supporting people through change 

  • Emotional awareness and management 

  • Developing personal resilience 

  • Developing self-belief and confidence 

  • Strategic planning and objective setting 

Qualifications and Professional Memberships:
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Development 

  • Senior Coach Practitioner (EMCC Practitioner EIA) 

  • Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner 

  • Q-OPD 360 Feedback Accreditation 

  • EMCC Team Coaching Fundamentals  

  • EMCC Team Coaching Practitioner

  • CIPD Psychology of Change 

  • CIPD Psychology of Leadership 

  • EMCC Professional Membership 

  • Certificate in Leadership Facilitation 

  • CIPD Psychology of Coaching 


Julie has been my coach for over two years and in that time Julie has offered me excellent guidance and advice with regards to aspects of my role from changes to my organisation or challenges I’ve faced which have required a different approach or thinking.   Whilst Julie’s experience is from Customer Experience, I have found that she is extremely knowledgeable about a wide and diverse range of topics which enables her to be able to help with a broad range of areas.  The coaching sessions are extremely invaluable to me because they often give me a different lens on how to approach something and often give me thought-provoking ideas.  Furthermore, Julie’s theoretical knowledge is excellent and is very knowledgeable in models from leading writers in business which I can use in my own business.  Another great skill Julie has is that she is an Insights assessor and conducted insights facilitation for my team and away days which were excellent and very well received. I would highly recommend Julie as a coach, her wealth of experience in business shines through, she is professional, authentic, confident and a fantastic role model in business.

I have found Julie’s coaching to be essential over the past year. This year has thrown up many issues, not only with our working environment, (covid), but also our largescale company restructure, role changes, redundancies, and a change in my own working environment. Sessions discussing these changes have each time brought out a new perspective, provided me with useful tools and sparked the idea to see a clear path through. Sessions with Julie have also been beneficial because of Julie’s professional ability to hold the role of ‘coach’, (resisting the temptation to drift into mentoring). I have seen the benefit of holding this role properly and try to do so when it’s the right style with my own teams. Thank you for your help and guidance, Julie. It was particularly useful that you have an appreciation for our industry but can look at it from the outside. This enables you to challenge processes or situations that we take for granted or put up with.

Julie has been a wonderful coach, helping me to develop my change management and team motivational skills. She is an excellent listener and her ability to steer people into finding their own way is truly exceptional.

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