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Prosperi’s C3 Process

This week we take a look at a simple yet powerful coaching technique. Ideal for everyday conversations and easy to deploy.

Prosperi's C3 process is a 3 step tool for in-the-moment coaching conversations, exactly the sort of tool to deploy when you're creating a coaching culture.

Prosperi’s C3 Process coaching technique

Think of interactions you have. From morning huddles/stand-ups/team briefs to team meetings.

This model invites you to:


Review successes and challenges. This is ideal for building on what's gone well and creating a psychologically safe environment by learning from setbacks and challenges.


Define the most important work to do this day. This can, of course, be adapted to this week, month, quarter, etc.

Linking back to the organisation's purpose and aligning this to the most crucial task for the directorate, function, team, and individual is a great test to ensure the work being undertaken is valuable and purposeful.


Set actionable goals and commit to a plan. This enables a defined standard view of 'what good looks like', engages people towards a common purpose that serves the greater good and breaks actions into steps, so the 'what' and the 'how' are clarified.

Why not give this a try and drop us a note to let us know how you get on?

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