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Shining The Spotlight On: Leadership Coach Dominique

This month, we are shining the spotlight on leadership coach Dominique, a leadership coach who provides development to board-level, CEO, CTO, directors, and functional leaders.

With a wealth of experience leading teams and individuals, find out more about who Dominique is as a coach, her approach to coaching, and what attracted her to the work of The Leadership Coaches here.

Who Are You as a Coach?

Executive leadership coach Dominque

I am someone who provides support and challenge in a safe environment. I aim to be practical, realistic and fun. Yet, organisations strive to be efficient and profitable and every role holder at any level has to demonstrate their worth. This expectation creates the need for coaching, and space to learn, lead, and manage through times of challenge.

I seek a balanced and healthy life for myself so that I can bring the best of myself to whatever I am doing. I encourage myself to gain new experiences, challenges and knowledge. My greatest joy is visiting new places, people, and cultures (the COVID-19 lockdown was very testing for me).

What Is Your Approach to Coaching?

To meet a coachee where they are now, to really understand who they are and how that is informing their thinking and actions. I strive to enable them to say ‘what they want' with clarity (often it’s not what they thought it was) and to explore what that means and requires of them.

Being coached requires vulnerability and being able to face yourself, and I work hard to create an environment that lets a client be open about that.

The majority of my clients are leaders of others as well as themselves and being a leader who respects their impact and power is an important outcome.

People are complicated and differ daily, so it can be tough. Yet, without people where would we be?

What’s Your Superpower, and What Are You Known For?

I have studied Neuroscience for the last five years (a coach for many more) and apply these insights specifically to leadership. Everyone’s brain has been informed through different experiences.

What a coachee has stored in their memory shapes everything they do. Together we use this information to help with the challenges and stresses (real or perceived) of their leadership roles, current situation and future goals.

What Attracted you to the work of The Leadership Coaches?

Being an associate is a big decision, who I align with impacts both our reputations. I knew Zoe from our time at the same organisation and recognised her passion for great leadership was similar to mine.

The Leadership Coaches have strong values, a community ethic, and uphold high standards. All areas that I support and try to emulate.

How Do You Bring Your Expertise to What You Do With The Leadership Coaches?

Potential coachees have often reached a difficult point in their careers. The 21st-century leader has to deal with a fast pace and constant change. As human beings, they can find this tough at times.

I have experiences that I can draw on from being in global leadership roles myself and from decades of coaching others providing leadership development (and the leadership tools that come with that) within the corporate setting.

Also, years ago I ran my own retail businesses and I have lived the challenges and responsibilities that come with the successes and the failures of that time. This allows me to help others find their way through, to use neuroscience to build the mental strength to think clearly under pressure. You never stop learning as a leader or a coach and in my mind, it’s a privilege to be either (or both).

To find out more about Dominique, visit her coach profile here or contact us today to arrange a complimentary chemistry session with her.


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