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Shining The Spotlight On Leadership Coach Navjeet

Every month, we shine the spotlight on one of our credible leadership coaches. This month, we welcome you to find out more about leadership coach Navjeet.

Known for supporting people through change, Navjeet understands that her clients need to effectively translate and communicate any challenges faced in the workplace to lead and engage their teams and various stakeholders for the sustainable growth of the organisation.

Passionate about understanding the psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience behind human behaviour, Navjeet connects with clients to form a transformational coaching relationship.

During leadership coaching sessions, Navjeet applies proven leadership frameworks and tools to help leaders activate their inclusive leadership and develop emotional awareness, mental strength, and resilience.

Find out more about who Navjeet is as a coach, her approach to coaching, and what attracted her to the work of The Leadership Coaches here.

Who Are You as a Leadership Coach?

As a psychological coach, my coaching conversations with coachees are informed by various approaches and frameworks such as psychological, existential, humanistic, neuroscience, psycho-somatic, systemic, emotional intelligence, and adult learning development frameworks. This helps me understand the nuances of client’s experiences better.

Executive coach Navjeet at The Leadership Coaches

As a result, my coaching questions lead to a deeper enquiry, which helps a coachee uncover deep insights. This process also elevates their learning and development, resulting in achieving more excellent results and long-lasting changes.

What Is Your Approach to Coaching?

My coaching approach is very relational, emphasising a deep connection with each client’s unique experiences and challenges.

My focus is to help myself and the client get clarity around their needs arising from their individual experiences within their system and then work with them accordingly.

Through perceptual mapping, I help clients understand how they see themselves placed in their organisation system and how others see them. With that clarity, they uncover the areas they want to focus on.

I also help them sharpen their emotional intelligence to navigate their emotions effectively through challenging situations and difficult conversations.

In addition, I assist them in developing a strategic mindset and creating winning strategies. Through coaching, clients develop a high level of confidence in their capabilities, improve their decision-making skills, and improve stakeholder relationships.

What’s Your Superpower, and What Are You Known For?

Clients always share feedback that says they liked my ability to get through to the nub of issues through my questions to help them create more profound insights and my ability to challenge them.

I like supporting clients and challenging them to help them learn more about themselves and their environment so that they can develop the right approach to achieve their objectives.

What Do You Like About Working With The Leadership Coaches?

It is great to be part of very talented team at The Leadership Coaches. I feel well-connected, supported, and well-informed about all the developments taking place within the organisation.

Zoé takes excellent care in providing opportunities and informing everyone about the processes involved. Also, I appreciate TLC’s efforts in providing opportunities and content for learning and development. It is great to be part of an ethical, supportive, and transparent culture.

How Do You Bring Your Expertise to What You Do With The Leadership Coaches?

I work with enthusiasm, energy and with commitment to support The Leadership Coaches and it’s purpose.

To find out more about Navjeet, visit her coach profile. Alternatively, contact us today to arrange a complimentary chemistry session with her.


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