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Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Model

In Goleman’s emotional intelligence model he points out that all change starts with self-awareness. Gaining an accurate view of one’s own strengths and developing areas is essential and then consciously using that information to develop the other areas.

Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Model

Goleman states “Emotional Intelligence competencies account for 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average”. As we face the challenge of moving back from lockdown into a phased return to whatever the new world holds, it will be the leaders and managers that set the tone, their emotional intelligence and style of leadership will create either resonance or dissonance.

Are Your Leaders Ready?

At The Leadership Coaches we help leaders to develop their emotional intelligence, through increased self-awareness, that may involve tools such as an Emotional Intelligence 360 assessment or even spending the day shadowing the leaders to learn how they operate.

Once we have helped leaders identify their strengths and challenges, we work with them to safely explore the next stage of honing their leadership skills and behaviours to lead themselves and others more effectively.

You can find some samples of the Emotional Intelligence reports we offer on our resources page.

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