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"I won't do it" to "Yes, I did it" Coaching Model

This week we explore this very popular coaching model that is a great example of the mindset shifts that people go through as they experience coaching.

We experience this in all sorts of ways, from the notion of having a difficult conversation through to becoming CEO.

We love to experience this coaching model ourselves and reach beyond our own comfort zones.

We are going to give you a few questions to use so that you can use this model yourselves, whether as a leader, as a coach, simply for your own progress or in roles such as parenting or volunteering!

Graphic showing mindset shifts

I won’t do it.

Questions to ask:

Write down all of your concerns about doing it…

What’s stopping you?

What’s at risk if you do it?

I can’t do it.

You can’t do it yet, what first steps are involved?

What have you done now that you hadn’t 10 years ago?

Just for a moment, let’s pretend you had done it, what would have happened?

I want to do it.

Fantastic! What ideas have you got for how you’d go about this?

Brilliant! Talk me through the strengths you’ve already got that will empower you here?

Superb! Tell me about how you’ll overcome any challenges along the way…

How do I do it?

Great question, let’s try 3 lenses, imagine you find it really hard, how would you progress? What would make it medium hardness and what would make it easy?

Let’s look at those strengths again, where are there some easy wins here?

If you were advising a good friend in the same position, what advice would you offer?

I’ll try to do it.

Fabulous! Inevitably there will be some challenges, what do you think these will be?

How can you mitigate these challenges?

What else do you need to move from ‘try’ to ‘will’…?

I can do it.

Awesome! How does it feel to know you can do it?

Walk me through the steps and how it feels along the way…

Excellent, tell me about a time when you’ve faced your fears before…

I will do it.

That’s fantastic! Share with me your plans, what you’ll do to overcome setbacks and the feeling you expect after you’ve done it…

Great! Who else are you going to tell?

Talk me through your timeline from now to when it’s done…

Yes, I did it!

Describe your journey from the initial decision to want to do it to where you are now…what have you learned?

What have you learnt about yourself that you didn’t know before? How can you use this in other areas?

What has this inspired you to do next?

These questions can be tweaked and changed and most importantly, if you can help yourself or others progress with them, that’s the most important part of sharing this model.

If you do it, drop us a line and share your thoughts on how it worked for you!


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