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Johari Window Model

The Johari Window Model was designed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. Effective use of the model increases self-awareness, enables you to develop a rounded view of how others see and experience you and enables you to improve communication, ultimately enhancing relationships with those around you.

Johari Window Model

Let’s Take A Walk Through The Johari Window Model

Open – You know about this and others do too, for example a leader might say “I’m quick to judge” and others agree “She’s quick to judge”

Hidden – You know but others don’t, for example, you might feel a lack of confidence in your role and choose not to share this with others

Blind area – What others know and you are unaware about, for example someone might say “Rajesh is a brilliant speaker” and you didn’t know this, so this is helpful feedback

Unknown – This area is unknown and often referred to as ‘unknown potential’ – when we ‘open the window’ by expanding 1, 2 and 3, we often discover unknown potential in area 4

Leadership Tips

  1. To increase your awareness of the unknown ‘blind area’ encourage others to give you feedback about areas in which they think you might have a blind spot. Encourage both positive and development options and remember to be open to whatever comes up…it may link to tip 2…

  2. Appropriate self-disclosure is helpful to develop trusted relationships, a leader has a tricky balance here as revealing too much can have a negative impact, so a trusted advisor, such as a leadership coach, can be a great way to explore how much to disclose. For example, a leader might share that their family are having a tricky time at the moment…this can enable others to gain insight into a leader’s life, increase trust and enable empathy for a short period that might prove challenging for a leader.

  3. How do you help others by giving them a safe place to learn, grow and develop? Do you provide an environment in which people welcome positive and developmental feedback? Do you allow people space and provide a non-judgemental ear for self-disclosure?

Quick Five Minute Activity

Jot the Johari Window Model on a piece of paper and start to write down what you know about you as a leader in each area, go with the flow, no rules and just see what 5 minutes reveals for you…it’s often an insightful activity.

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