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Leading in a VUCA World

With the Chancellor’s recent Summer Statement, the Government has signalled its intent and ambition for economic recovery following the huge damage created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The intent is clearly to make sure the country is open for business going forward.

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Although it’s true to say the future looks uncertain, it does appear that things are slowly returning to what many may describe as “normal”. Certainly, at The Leadership Coaches we are noticing more organisations tentatively re-opening their premises, bringing people off furlough and back into the workplace. As a result, we started to notice a rise in demand for leadership coaching.

As the social distancing restrictions are relaxed, confidence will hopefully build and allow us to properly re-engage and start to build our businesses again during the coming months. None of this will be easy however and it is likely that many leaders will face a multitude of personal and organisational challenges as they start to navigate life beyond the pandemic.

What might this look like? Well, here are three potential issues many of us will face;

* Pressure – internal and external

* Leading through uncertainty and fear

* Establishing new ways of working and re-inventing how the business operates on an ongoing basis

Here at The Leadership Coaches, we understand the impact of this level of challenge and are able to help leaders overcome personal and organisational issues with leadership coaching. Through the employment of leadership coaching, together we can identify how to make progress and achieve success in what is likely to be the most ambiguous operating environment any of us have ever experienced.

It’s entirely understandable if leaders preparing to re-enter the workplace have doubts and concerns. It’s highly likely in fact that most will be reflecting on their ability to lead effectively in the changing world we find ourselves in. Similarly, many will be considering how their organisation can collectively respond and succeed as we look to recover from COVID-19.

The scale of the challenge many leaders will be facing is likely to be immense and to expect everyone to step up and deliver with excellence from the outset seems unrealistic, which is why we are here to help you navigate any personal and organisational issues with one-to-one virtual coaching.

As always, our experienced and professionally accredited coaches will respond to the needs of the people they work with and help them progress the issues they bring to the coaching process. Our commitment is to listen hard to the needs of the people we work with and help them to develop the very best way forward for themselves and their organisation.

At The Leadership Coaches, we know that leaders benefit hugely from working with our credible and personable coaches and we anticipate an increasing demand for leadership coaching of the upcoming months. In essence, a skilled coach is on hand to help the client to develop their thinking, focus their leadership and provide an appropriate level of support and challenge to help them succeed now and in the future.

We are ready to respond to the challenge and are looking forward to coaching beyond COVID-19. We are excited about the prospect of working with new and existing clients and helping people to step up to future challenges with confidence. We are committed and passionate about supporting leaders as they take on their own change agenda and emerging revised priorities. Regardless of the issues that our clients bring forward, our intent is always to ensure that individuals become more resourceful and resilient going forward; we believe this will be a key factor as the recovery unfolds.

We would love to support you and your team on the journey ahead; although perhaps daunting at present we feel there are real opportunities for leaders with a clear vision and appetite to lead boldly in a rapidly changing environment.

If you would like to develop this conversation with us or would like to find out more about TLC, please get in touch with or call us on 03450 950 480 to discuss your needs or to set up your complimentary coaching chemistry sessions with a couple of The Leadership Coaches.

Article written by Paul, (ACC) – Leadership Coach at The Leadership Coaches – July 9th 2020.


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