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Shining The Spotlight On Leadership Coach Joseph

Every month, we shine the spotlight on one of our credible leadership coaches. This month, we welcome you to find out more about leadership coach Joseph. Known for his experience in coaching leaders at executive and other levels in large multinationals and smaller organisations, Joseph supports leaders in building beneficial professional relationships.

Having led project delivery, organisational development and building development projects, Joseph employs curiosity and listening as core tools to trigger mindset change, unlock insights into solutions, articulate purpose, strategy, and anticipate unforeseen circumstances. Passionate about helping leaders improve their decision-making and skilled at asking questions, find out more about who Joseph is as a coach, his approach to coaching, and what attracted him to the work of The Leadership Coaches here.

Who Are You as a Leadership Coach?

I am a leadership coach who treasures wisdom. I am clear in my abilities, personal impact, identity, and African heritage whilst understanding that a larger universe exerts its influence on us all.

Executive Coach Joseph

Fairness and equity are vital to me. Therefore I desire to support business leaders who seek to balance profits and growth in the context of positively impacting the society in which they seek to thrive.

I bring my best to my coaching clients, and I am able to support individuals as well as trigger a consideration of the role which the organisational system and societal environment play, especially on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Therefore, I freely offer a coaching perspective which is often different from those I work with, causing them to expand their views of possibility and have the courage to act.

I often ask, “If it is possible, is there a reason not to act with intention?”

What Is Your Approach to Coaching?

I respect each coachee and ground myself before each session to enable me to focus on “who” the coachee is being.

My expertise is in the coaching process for which I aspire to mastery, reminding me to avoid giving advice to someone who knows their life and circumstance more than I could ever know and instead leverage those. Regarding the process, I contract each session, listen, enquire, play, challenge, acknowledge, and review each for insights and action.

I was humbled to be described as “extremely insightful, challenging, kind, having quiet confidence, and healthy masculinity”. The words calm, curiosity, possibility and wise are also used when I request feedback and in acknowledgements.

My clients additionally say that it is clear to them that I have their best interest at heart, as much when I enthusiastically acknowledge as when I challenge them. “I have found some of our conversations difficult and can see results from taking actions we agreed on”.

What’s Your Superpower, and What Are You Known For?

My intuition often directs my focus and timing. I am known for building quick rapport with people I’ve just met, allowing individuals to explore deep conversations with me early in a session.

In team and group coaching settings, my calm, unobtrusive, attentive presence and willingness to be light whilst challenging enable psychological safety to develop in groups.

What Do You Like About Working With The Leadership Coaches?

As an organisation, The Leadership Coaches has high standards for its processes and invests in them.

Zoé works very hard to build contacts and promote The Leadership Coaches to them. Zoé is honest in her relationships with coaches, reaching out with appreciation as well as giving feedback when it has not gone to plan.

I, therefore, feel I know where I stand with her. I also find The Leadership Coaches dedication to giving back to charity endearing.

How Do You Bring Your Expertise to What You Do With The Leadership Coaches?

I am present in making my curiosity, natural strategic thinking, positive energy, compassionate challenge, and perspective sharing available to opportunities that are presented to me.

Working with The Leadership Coaches enables me to offer complimentary chemistry sessions to clients to see whether working together is the right fit.

During coaching, my considerable life, business, and management experience is on offer, backed by spirituality, natural strategic thinking, qualifications in psychology and business administration, and interests in stoic philosophy, long-distance running, martial arts and parenting.

To find out more about Joseph, visit his coach profile here or contact us today to arrange a complimentary chemistry session with him.


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