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Shining The Spotlight On: Leadership Coach Carol

Every month, we shine the spotlight on one of our credible leadership coaches. This month, we welcome you to find out more about leadership coach Carol. Carol’s coaching style is client-centred and non-directive, and she uses solution-focused, evidence-based approaches. With a flair for challenging people to stretch their thinking and view situations from different perspectives, Carol supports clients in increasing their self-awareness, identifying solutions, and making suitable changes where appropriate.

Named a LinkedIn Top Voice five years in a row, Carol is the author of Quietly Visible and has achieved a WeAreTheCity Rising Star Champion for her work supporting women to succeed as leaders. Passionate about helping others, find out more about who Carol is as a coach, her approach to coaching, and what attracted her to the work of The Leadership Coaches here.

Who Are You as a Coach?

I am Carol, an Executive, Career, and Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author.

Executive coach Carol at The Leadership Coaches

I specialise in coaching introverted women who are senior leaders, and I have a particular interest in those who are often marginalised or unfavourably biased.

"I find it very rewarding to see the transformation that takes place in someone once they fully believe in themselves."

I coach leaders to overcome the barriers to effective leadership; to be at their optimal; to lead with confidence, influence, and impact and make a positive difference through their work. I have a passion for working with those for whom things such as imposter syndrome, a lack of self-confidence, and other self-limiting beliefs hinder them from being their best possible selves and achieving their full potential.

I find it very rewarding to see the transformation that takes place in someone once they fully believe in themselves. This is probably due to having experienced this myself when I was a leader in an organisation.

What Is Your Approach to Coaching?

Coaching psychology underpins my coaching. I have an eclectic, non-directive approach and have at hand what I call my coaching toolkit, where I will draw on different evidenced-based coaching and leadership tools and models depending on what a client presents.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can self-reflect and increase their self-awareness to identify the best way forward for them. I like to challenge their thinking where necessary in order for them to see different perspectives.

What’s Your Superpower, and What Are You Known For?

Clients often tell me that they feel a sense of calm when they are in coaching sessions with me. They like how I help them to see the limitations in their thinking and behaviour and the transformational change they experience when working with me.

They like how I challenge them (in a non-threatening way) to step out of their comfort zone and to change what they think and believe so that they do not limit themselves or unfavourably (or favourably) be biased towards others.

I am known for authenticity and for helping clients to be their authentic selves, whilst recognising how and when to modify their behaviour as appropriate in order to get the best outcomes.

What Do You Like About Working With The Leadership Coaches?

I like the fact that The Leadership Coaches is values-driven, and that there is alignment with their values and mine. As an organisation, they stand by their values and do not compromise them. I also like that they strive for inclusivity and believe in giving back.

How Do You Bring Your Expertise to What You Do With The Leadership Coaches?

I believe in lifelong learning, and I continuously develop my skills and knowledge, which I bring to what I do with The Leadership Coaches. I provide coaching, workshops/webinars, talks and facilitation to a variety of organisations and across a range of sectors, and my work and expertise have culminated in me receiving recognition for what I do.

This has seen me being named a Top 50 Business Advisor by Enterprise Nation; a We Are The City, Rising Star Champion for my work developing women leaders; a LinkedIn Top Voice UK 5 times (including Top Voice for gender equity in 2022); entered into the Northern Power Women, Power List; and named a Top 32 Business Influencer by Business Leader magazine.

The expertise that has resulted in my gaining this recognition, is what I bring to The Leadership Coaches.

To find out more about Carol, visit her coach profile here or contact us today to arrange a complimentary chemistry session with her.


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