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The Vital Voices Leadership Model

As we have recently celebrated International Women's Day, it seems appropriate for us to lean in to learn more about The Vital Voice Leadership Model.

"Vital Voices Global Partnership is a global movement that invests in women leaders who are solving the world's greatest challenges."

After 20 years of partnering with women, Vital Voices designed this model based on what was working.

The Vital Voices Leadership Model

The five pillars of the leadership model are defined as:

  • A driving force: The defining purpose that guides a leader. It motivates them and strengthens their resolve in the face of challenges.

  • Strong roots in the community: Leaders understand the unique needs of the community. They listen to and engage with their members and adapt accordingly.

  • Connect across lines that divide: By engaging unlikely allies, leaders bring people together to achieve a joint mission.

  • Bold ideas, bold action: Innovative thinking enables leaders to overcome enduring programs.

  • Pay it forward: Leaders commit to investing in others. They share their knowledge, experience and influence because they understand that power expands when it is shared.

Let's look at many of the standard corporate leadership models. We can see some crossover, for example, defining purpose.

Equally, there are potentially different aspects; for example, they connect across lines that divide pillar. This could be a new and different approach for some corporate organisations.

What resonates with you as you consider your organisation and its leadership approach?

Which of these pillars would you like to see more of in your organisation?

What steps would you need to take to make this happen?


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