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At The Leadership Coaches, many of our coaches have experience in providing bespoke coaching and can accommodate your needs, irrespective of what they may be.  Our team have worked across multiple industries on a national and international level, and we have a wealth of leadership experience within medium and large corporations. Not only does this mean they have first-hand insight into the challenges that leaders commonly face, but it means they can use their own experience to support you if you are seeking a mentor/coach. 

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Who Are Bespoke Coaching Solutions For? 

Bespoke coaching solutions could include one-to-one sessions for individuals at any level in the business.


For example, these could be: 


  • People identified in succession plans for talent development purposes 

  • A graduate who is new to a role or taking on more responsibility 

  • An individual taking a change of direction within the organisation 

How Long Does Bespoke Coaching Last? 

As bespoke coaching is entirely unique to each individual, there is no given time frame for how long it lasts. Some people may only require six coaching sessions, whilst others may require more.  


Upon completing the initial coaching session, the number of one-to-one coaching sessions will be agreed upon. If you would like to find out how long a programme may last for you, it is best to contact us directly to discuss your personal needs. 

Coaching with Jo has been invaluable in helping me gain a deeper understanding of who I am, our work with the Enneagram has really opened my eyes to all parts of my personality, so many light bulb moments about my strengths and challenges, which has given me a much greater foundation of “balance” to live from. By knowing and fully understanding myself I really feel I’m starting to live to my full potential. 

I have worked in a number of businesses and have turned to Dominique for help with Management and Leadership Development along with Coaching and NeuroCoaching. Positive feedback is always received on the value she adds in her sessions, in particular her candid, open style, intuition, openness and abilities. She has also turned her hand to running sessions remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic and these sessions have been a really important part of the continuation of learning.

Sue provided coaching for a member of the leadership team. As a result, the Director made good progress in being more strategic, often in difficult circumstances which I recognised. Sue kept me involved from the outset, and with a mid way review and end of programme meeting, I felt engaged in the process and able to contribute to the direction of the coaching goals where necessary.

Prior to coaching I was very anxious about my work life and being unable to cope with the prospect of not achieving success in my role. Working with you I got the opportunity to take control, release unhelpful thoughts, and create meaningful awareness of times of anxiety and how to recognise and address the situation. I was impressed by the methodology you used – asking probing questions to illicit responses, thoughts and new ways of seeing things. My confidence has been restored!

What Does Bespoke Coaching Look Like With The Leadership Coaches?  

At The Leadership Coaches, our bespoke coaching services all commence with a call to establish your coaching needs. From here, we invite you to select two coaches for a coaching chemistry session. These sessions are designed to enable you and our coaches to determine if the chemistry is suitable for a trust-based coaching relationship.  


Once you have selected your coach, an initial coaching session takes place to set coach and coachee expectations. Here, we will listen to your needs and understand what your goals and outcomes for coaching are. The selected coach will also share their expectations with you. Upon agreeing on the expectations, a contracting form is sent to you or your sponsor (if applicable), and this enables us at The Leadership Coaches to measure coaching effectiveness. 


Coaching begins with an initial triad meeting with you (the coachee), the coach, and the sponsor (if applicable). Sessions are often arranged monthly, although this can vary depending on needs, and we arrange mid and end triad sponsor session to review the programme of coaching.  


In addition, we send out a short quality check questionnaire so we can ensure we are meeting your service expectations. 


Coachee Process Flow

Frequently Asked Questions 

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding bespoke coaching below. However, if you have any other questions, please contact us directly. 

  • We are seen as credible leadership partners. We continue to be the choice for outstanding leadership coaching. Our coaching does what it says on the tin, and it appears people also associate us with much more. 


    We have an amazingly talented team of leadership coaches, consultants, and facilitators, so it makes sense to help our customers with these needs. Our priority is your leadership development and your future leadership pipeline. 

  • Working with an external coach has several benefits. Not only does it offer you time and space to think and navigate any obstacles away from the influence of other people within the organisation, but working with an external coach can also improve your performance, hold you to account, and provide psychological safety. 

  • The impact of coaching can be measured in numerous ways. Firstly, it can be measured by completing mid and end-point reviews. If there is a sponsor, we can also measure the impact of coaching by obtaining feedback from them. The sponsor is usually a line manager who will first-hand witness the changes in the employee or employees participating in the programme. 

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