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Coaching Chemistry Sessions

At The Leadership Coaches, we know just how vital it is for the chemistry between coach and coachee to be suitable for a trust-based coaching relationship. To ensure that each coachee works with a coach who can support them best, we provide a complimentary coaching chemistry session with one or two of our coaches. 

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What Are Coaching Chemistry Sessions? 

A try before you buy-service with no obligation to purchase; our coaching chemistry sessions are designed to establish if the chemistry is right for a coaching relationship. 


Before jumping into a coaching relationship, these sessions enable potential clients to meet with up to three of our credible coaches and establish how they can support them.


In addition to the above, chemistry sessions also allow the coach to understand the client's needs, determine the desired outcomes, and set mutual expectations. 


It is worth noting that coaching chemistry sessions are not coaching sessions. Instead, they are informal discussions that help the coachee and coach get to know one another and determine if the relationship would be a recipe for success. 

Find out more about our coaching chemistry sessions below, or contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation prior to completing sessions with our team.

What Happens During A Coaching Chemistry Session? 

Carried out over the phone, MS Teams, or Zoom with one or two of our coaches, coaching chemistry sessions enable prospective clients to get to know our coaches. Chemistry sessions are two-way it’s for both the coach and coachee to determine if they believe that working together would be a successful partnership. 


Spanning an average of thirty minutes, chemistry sessions discuss the following: 


  • What is coaching? 

  • What are the goals or outcomes that the coachee wants to achieve? 

  • What does the coachee expect of the coach? 

  • What does the coach expect of the coachee? 


Within the sessions, it is also common to discuss: 


  • The coaches approach and how they work with leaders to support them in achieving their goals and outcomes 

  • Do both coach and coachee believe they can achieve expected results from working together? 

Thank you Jo, you delivered two amazing sessions to our staff. It really has been the start of a great conversation, not only on menopause, but really helpful to start talking about other issues too. My team and I have already started talking about how we can keep the conversation going. The feedback so far has been amazing. Just as I am typing this another email has come in thanking us for the sessions!

Simone is very supportive and non-judgemental, and creates an environment of total openness and honesty.  She has the ability to dig into the topics to get to the underlying issue or area that we really need to discuss that either isn’t obvious to me at the start or I’m (perhaps) avoiding. I 100% trust the conversation and the intent behind any questions, challenges etc.  Working with Simone helped me successfully transition from CFO to MD/CEO.

I had the pleasure of working with Jackie for a few months as my first experience of coaching and I loved every minute. Jackie really helped me unlock some powerful insights about myself and has given me a renewed focus on personal growth.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 

Joe has been an excellent coach for me since I hired him 2.5 years ago when I had some serious personal issues. He helped me through the difficult period and now I meet him every 4-6 weeks for a few hours walk & talk. I always look forward to the sessions with Joe, the dialogues are very good, I value his insightful questions and wonderful observations and reflections. 

What Happens If I Still Haven’t Found The Right Coach For Me? 

If, after completing a coaching chemistry session with one or two of our coaches, a coachee still hasn’t found the right coach for them, we can provide additional sessions with other coaches or offer a consultation to support you in finding the right coaching solution for you. 


At The Leadership Coaches, we are committed to supporting coachees at all stages of their careers. Our team of credible coaches have a wealth of experience and various coaching styles, so we are certain that we have a coach for your needs.

About Our Leadership Coaches 

Selected by CEO Zoé Lewis, each of our coaches have a wealth of experience in industries including technology, construction, education, hospitality, transport, information technology, and manufacturing. 


We are fortunate to have talented executive coaches from a wide range of sectors who specialise in one-to-one leadership coaching, team coaching, bespoke coaching, talent and graduate coaching, and mentoring programmes. 


In one-to-one coaching settings, our coaches have empowered: 


  • Chief Executive Offers 

  • Chief Operating Officers 

  • Chief Strategy Officers 

  • Chief Financial Officers 

  • Chief Marketing Officers 

  • Directors 

  • C-suite executives 

  • Partners 

  • Vice presidents 

  • Leaders 

  • Senior managers 

  • Executive managers 

  • Mid-level managers 

  • New-to-role managers 

  • Successional managers 

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Understanding that finding the right coach and the right coaching company for you can be time-consuming, we have left no stone unturned when it comes to having the best leadership coaches ready to serve. From over 150 applications, we have just 22 of the best leadership coaches around, and we are confident that with our 100% success record with coaching results, you'll be glad you chose us. 


Led by Director of Coaching Zoé Lewis, our team is passionate about all they do. They each bring their own experience, expertise, and sense of self to their coaching. They understand the areas leaders need support in and they work with them to achieve not only individual results, but organisational results too.

Find out more about each member of our leadership coaching team, their areas of expertise, and their experience via their coach profiles today.

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