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Talent and Graduate Coaching

Each year in the United Kingdom, 86.4% of graduates enter employment, according to data published by the Government. As more and more graduates are seeking roles within organisations that will provide them with the opportunity to grow, develop, and progress, the need for talent and graduate programmes has never been greater. 


At The Leadership Coaches, our services include talent and graduate programmes. Find out more about these programmes and how they can support you and your people here. Alternatively, contact us directly to determine how we can assist you. 

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What Are Talent and Graduate Programmes with The Leadership Coaches? 

Talent and graduate leadership programmes are bespoke programmes that enable organisations to identify, nurture, and develop the next generation of leaders.


In addition, they can provide a pipeline of high-potential employees and build a culture of leadership development and succession planning. 


Most talent and graduate leadership programmes involve on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, and development activities. They can last anywhere from six months to two years and often lead to a promotion within the company. 


Typically, talent and graduate programmes focus on supporting each person individually to maximise their placements and gain clarity of their own goals.


For this reason, programmes include one-to-one leadership coaching. However, multiple people within the organisation can truly appreciate the benefits of our programmes.

Working with Nicky has made all the difference to me, and to my work. It's reconnected me to a sense of purpose, softened self-criticism, and revealed the many opportunities available to shape up and accelerate my business. Her coaching has got me on track – and for me that was paramount. A terrific coach, very insightful, and a great pleasure to work with.

Lisa has had a transformative effect on my professional and personal life.  Sometimes it has been uncomfortable placing a magnifying glass on parts of my life, but I have found it refreshing to have a new perspective and see my life through a new lens. Her coaching has unearthed confidence in me which has helped me to manage life’s unexpected challenges.

I’ve come away with some really deep insights about myself and the beliefs that drive aspects of my behaviour that will be of long term benefit to me. This is due to Sue’s careful attentive listening and the insightful questions that she asked as a consequence. Her coaching also gave my thinking a new dynamic by taking me out of my comfort zone...

I worked with Simon on career coaching. At the time I needed some clarity on various career options. Simon helped me to consider my options and fully explore the pros and cons for all those I had been thinking about. He helped to provide some real clarity and made me realise just how unhappy I was in my current job. As a result of our sessions I had the confidence to apply for a new job, I was successful (and left my old job). This was a big step as I had been there for a long time. Simon was an excellent coach, totally professional and I would recommend him to anyone without any reservation.

Why Are Talent and Graduate Programmes Important? 

Our clients know that the training of new managers, talent pools, or graduates is just not enough. Their bespoke needs are truly met when they can talk freely about the experience of putting their new knowledge, skills, and behaviours into practice in the real world and make tangible plans to pursue hopes and dreams into actions. 


Talent and graduate leadership programmes are essential because they provide a way for businesses to identify and develop new leaders.  


Additional benefits of talent and graduate leadership programmes include: 


  • Increased retention rates 

  • Improved employee satisfaction 

  • Enhanced skills and knowledge 

  • Greater diversity and inclusion 

  • Increased skill set

How Long Do These Programmes Last? 

Talent and graduate programmes can vary in length. Some programmes are shorter, whilst others last for months.


Upon designing a programme, we consider how much time and budget you have, and we also consider the current climate of your organisation and where you want to be in the future.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have answered some of our commonly asked questions surrounding talent and graduate coaching programmes below. However, if you have any other questions, please contact us today.


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  • The most significant difference between these programmes is that our talent and graduate programmes are designed to support individuals in graduate roles. Our programmes help them develop their skills and enhance their leadership qualities.  


    In contrast, our leadership and management programmes are ideal for individuals preparing for managerial roles. 

  • At The Leadership Coaches, all of our coaches employ tools based on the specific needs of your organisation and people. In fact, we have more than 40 different psychometric tools that can be incorporated into your programme.

The Leadership Coaches

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Download our services brochure to uncover our range of leadership coaching services and how they can support you.

Should you wish to discuss our talent and graduate programmes in more depth, please contact us via the form below. In doing so, we can begin to understand your needs and inform you of how we can assist you.  

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Our Talent and Graduate Programmes

Similarly to our leadership and management programmes, talent and graduate programmes incorporate a set of coaching days that focus on topics specific to the needs of your organisation and people. They also include one-to-one coaching sessions at various points throughout the programme. 


Before a programme commences, we meet with you (the sponsor) and the individual or individuals who will participate in the programme to truly understand your organisational needs. We listen to feedback from those within the team, and we also review any data or feedback that you may have collated from staff surveys, course feedback, and focus groups.  


Once we understand the requirements and what each party expects from the programme, we design a bespoke programme. We consider gaps in knowledge and skills and review how much time and budget are available. 


Following the design of the programme, our team of credible leadership coaches will attend your chosen location to deliver each module. Between these modules, it is not uncommon for us to provide one-to-one coaching to ensure that each person has the chance to discuss their personal objectives and any challenges they may face. 


We constantly review feedback that you, the sponsor, provide during the delivery of the talent and graduate programme. We also consider the individual conversations we have with the coachees to ensure that the programme is effective. To guarantee that your organisational needs are met at all times, we can make any changes necessary to the programme as and when needed. ​

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