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A High Performer With Leadership Potential

At The Leadership Coaches, Nicky has been working with an individual identified as a high performer with leadership potential. Keen to transform their skills, the client came to us looking for support in preparing for leadership and managing a team. Working with Nicky over five months, the client’s journey has been transformational. Below, we share how the client felt before, during, and after one-to-one team coaching. 

Before Leadership Coaching

I’ve been identified as a high performer with leadership potential. I’m keen to be a leader in the future and I’m looking for some support in preparing for leadership and managing a team. 


As part of this journey, I’m also keen to explore ways that I can apply self-preservation to prevent burnout and maintain a good work-life balance. I want less imposter syndrome and more confidence in my own ability. 

Mid-Point Coaching Review

I recognise my saboteurs and how they manifest at work. I understand what good leadership looks like, and I feel more confident. My ability to view situations with a ‘leadership lens’ has changed, I’m doing this a lot now, and I wasn’t before. I think about the language I use, not softening or apologising for who I am. 

I am stepping up within the team and exhibiting those good leadership qualities. I’m also becoming more aware of when I might be taking on extra workload or pushing myself to the limit, and I’m putting in place boundaries; I still need to work on this. 

End-Point Leadership Coaching Review

I’m seeing myself as a leader, and I’ve noticed a change in my confidence when it comes to thinking about my next role. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the coaching – there was a real light bulb moment for me when it came to thinking about how I am a leader and show strong leadership in other areas of my life, and I can translate that across to work/ comms. It reframed the way I think about leadership because I realised that I’m already acting like a leader, and I can dial it up at work to embody that.  


I’m also embracing everything that makes me, me as a leader – dialling up my values and the things that are important to me. I’ve been able to spot the great leadership I have around me and pick out the things I want to emulate. 


I know I will be ready to take on my next role at the end of the year, and the things I’ve explored during my coaching sessions have helped me to get there. I can see the value I bring, and I question myself a lot less now. I know it’s a journey, and I’ll constantly be learning, so I’m not expecting the be the perfect leader/ people manager from the get-go. I want to keep evolving and learning from my experiences. 

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