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Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

In the ever-changing realm of today's corporate world, adapting to new roles and responsibilities is an inevitable part of professional growth. However, for many, this transition can be daunting, often accompanied by challenges such as imposter syndrome, indecision, and difficulty in delegating tasks.  


Greg, a director, found himself at this crossroads, grappling with the need for a more strategic approach in his expanded role.

The Prelude to Change

Before embarking on the transformative journey of executive coaching, Greg candidly shared his struggles. The shift in his role demanded a shift in mindset, from a day-to-day approach to a more strategic one.  

This shift, however, triggered imposter syndrome, leaving Greg feeling uneasy in his newfound responsibilities.  

His difficulty in saying no and reluctance to delegate added layers of complexity to his professional life, manifesting as loss of focus, overthinking, and dissatisfaction with daily accomplishments. 

The Catalyst: Executive Coaching 

Recognising the need for change, Greg’s company called their executive coaching partner The Leadership Coaches and after a successful chemistry call, Greg worked with executive coach Dominique to navigate through his challenges.  

The coaching sessions spanned several months, during which Greg identified key areas - imposter syndrome, overthinking, delegation, and assertiveness - as focal points for improvement. 

Post-coaching, Greg shared that he gained a deep understanding of theories and practical tools. These newfound insights empowered him to reduce stress, boost confidence, and effectively delegate tasks within his team.  

Greg acknowledged the impact of having a coach who understood his hesitancy and appreciated Dominique's logical approach in introducing techniques, making it easier for him to embrace change. 

Embracing Uncomfortable Growth 

Through the coaching partnership, a perfect balance of support and challenge combined with the safe space created by Dominique, enabled Greg to open up about challenges hindering his progress.  


Greg expressed his desire to explore uncomfortable areas, indicating a newfound confidence to address obstacles that once seemed insurmountable. 

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