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Compassionate Leadership In Challenging Times

Here at The Leadership Coaches, we have recently held our first installment of virtual workshops.

Our first workshop, Compassionate Leadership In Challenging Times, was hosted over the past week.

Led by Simone and co-facilitated by Joseph, the workshops, which were by invite-only, delved into how leaders can hone in on their compassionate leadership and identify how this core leadership skill helps deliver business objectives now and beyond the pandemic.

Throughout the workshop, various information was provided to attendees. The below slide resonated with the attendees as it drew attention to the attributes which leaders can focus on to develop their compassionate leadership.

Image showing attributes of compassionate leadership

Attendees were able to see a direct correlation between the importance of compassion in the workplace and the bottom-line impact on business outcomes.

Impact of compassionate leadership on business

Following the series of workshops, we are pleased to share a wealth of feedback received from attendees below.

“The session I attended felt immediately welcoming, despite being presented over Zoom. There were lots of opportunities to contribute and to listen to others' experiences and ways of approaching leadership. I would definitely recommend The Leadership Coaches to others and would certainly take the opportunity to join future sessions.”

“The Leadership Coaches are exceptional. They deliver every session with excellence and enable you to explore those challenges in a confidential and purposeful manner. I would highly recommend them.” - Professor Uzo Iwobi OBE

“A useful pause at a busy time. Well facilitated discussion around compassionate leadership and an honest sharing of what makes a difference. Valuable.”

At The Leadership Coaches, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended and provided us with feedback.

As our workshops are by invite-only, if you would like to find out about our future workshops, or attend a future workshop, please email

Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter via our website.


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