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Tips For Leading Virtually

Last week, Director of Coaching Zoe Lewis facilitated our latest complimentary workshop, Leading Virtually – Tips For Crafting This Essential New Leadership Skill.

Highly popular, the workshop enabled attendees to discover how to set and agree on virtual and hybrid expectations using action-centred leadership.

Outcomes and success factors were also discussed, ensuring that leaders understood what they would need to consider when troubleshooting from a distance.

Throughout the 90-minute workshop, attendees were encouraged to participate in small tasks that asked them to consider what expectations need to be considered, communicated and agreed to achieve tasks for both teams and individuals. They were also able to determine what needs to be agreed on for a virtual team to succeed.

Following the series of workshops here at The Leadership Coaches, we received the following feedback.

"Very timely and engaging sessions. I enjoyed the introductory/briefing talks and the group tasks as well. I also like the fact that the materials are being made available."

"Great session that has challenged me to further lead and empower virtually using the frameworks shared so I can do this in a more structured, measured and inclusive way. Highly recommend."

"I have attended a number of virtual sessions with "The Leadership Coaches." I have learned much from their knowledgeable and thoughtful approach to topics and challenges facing leaders across any number of sectors. Thank you, The Leadership Coaches!" - Cheri Brenton, HR Director

"This is the second event I've attended with The Leadership Coaches, and once again, the subject and the discussion was interesting and informative. Presented in a style that encouraged participation and collaboration."

"Was a brilliant 90mins & a really good "step-back" and examination of the impact of the pandemic & managing a team virtually."

"The training provided an excellent opportunity to understand the challenges leaders face in managing their team virtually and to discuss methods to virtually manage more effectively."

As we look to the future, we would love to know what topics you would like to see discussed at future workshops.

So far, our workshops have covered the following;

  • Compassionate Leadership In Challenging Times

  • Connecting Teams During The Pandemic

  • Leading Virtually - Tips For Crafting This Essential New Leadership Skill

To share your thoughts with us, either send us a tweet, message Zoe Lewis on LinkedIn, or email


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