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Outplacement Support with The Leadership Coaches

As organisations begin to return to work, many face the unfortunate reality of redundancies due to the lasting impact of COVID-19. In order to fulfil duties to their people, many will look to offer Outplacement Support in order to maintain and support those having to leave the business. 

At The Leadership Coaches, in addition to the services we offer for your top talent remaining in the business, we are also able to provide outplacement support to individuals selected for redundancy. Typically made up of 6 sessions of one-to-one coaching, Outplacement Support helps them decide how they can move forward, build confidence, make plans for the future and implement them by delving into the following;

  • Identify their current situation and their human and practical response

  • Set goals for the coaching to support them in moving forward

  • Specific targeted coaching to help them transition through to their next stage

Our coaches have vast experience of helping people at critical points in their career and they come highly recommended.  Below, you will find a few testimonials from those that have received leadership coaching from us at a time when they most needed it;

“I was coached by Simone during a period of quick progression during in my career where I wanted to work with someone to help me identify my unique strengths, focused areas of development and to challenge me in how I could be a better professional and people leader. Trust is everything and Simone’s approach builds a space where you can reflect and be supported, and even surprised at times, something that’s only possible with the experience Simone brings to the discussion."

“I worked with Simon on career coaching. At the time I needed some clarity on various career options. Simon helped me to consider my options and fully explore the pros and cons of all those I had been thinking about. He helped to provide some real clarity...  As a result of our sessions, I had the confidence to apply for a new job, I was successful.”

Heather provided leadership coaching to me over a number of months, during a period of significant professional and personal change. I found it very easy to build a rapport with Heather because of her natural warmth and empathy. She provided a constructive challenge and encouraged self-reflection, whilst maintaining a positive and professional environment. I always left my coaching sessions feeling energised and looking forward to the next one.”

“I completed a short series of coaching sessions with Nicky after I had been made redundant from my job of 23 years. Although I was not actively seeking a new job, I found the sessions incredibly helpful and supportive.  Giving me an entirely fresh perspective on what I was looking for in my professional life and some ways in which I might think about achieving those objectives.”

Due to the current pandemic, our coaches are currently on hand to deliver Outplacement Support virtually, through the use of Skype, Zoom, Telephone or even Walk-and-Talk coaching.  This ensures that we are able to offer support to individuals and organisations across the Globe.

If you would like to find out more about our Outplacement Support, why not give us a call today to discuss how our team of credible coaches can support you?  You could even arrange a free of charge coaching chemistry session with a few of our coaches to determine whether the chemistry is right for a professional coaching relationship.


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