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5 Ways Executive Coaching Increases Happiness at Work

Are you happy at work? Are the people who work for you happy at work? Why do they work for you? And more importantly, what things contribute to being happy at work?

Though this may be different for everyone, we believe some areas are familiar to most people and that leadership coaching has a unique ability to improve.

After all, people who are happy at work are 12% more productive, enjoy better health, and have better professional relationships.

In this blog, we share 5 ways executive coaching increases happiness at work.

Our Top 5 Ways Executive Coaching Can Increase Happiness At Work

Happiness at work is paramount if companies and employers are to retain their top people and increase productivity in the workplace. However, many are yet to understand how leadership coaching can assist.

To support you, we have shared our top 5 ways executive coaching can increase happiness at work below.

Executive Coaching Empowers

Feeling empowered to make our own decisions is closely linked to feeling valued - it helps us realise that someone else has faith in our abilities, skills, and experience.

Empowerment put us in control rather than feeling controlled by others. Executive coaching empowers because, through powerful questioning, it explores our ideas and options in a curious way rather than being asked to carry out our leader's ideas mindlessly.

Executive coaching allows us to feel empowered and excited by our own thinking and then to be trusted to carry out the resulting actions that follow. Feeling empowered increases our feelings of happiness at work.

Executive Coaching Builds Collaboration

When we feel that we belong and make an essential contribution to the team, we feel connected, and those connections increase our happiness.

Executive coaching in teams creates a diversity of thinking and allows for different opinions, healthy opposition and passionate debate.

Coaching means that everyone's thinking is respected as questions are asked, options are explored, systems are considered, stakeholders are included, objections are raised, and audacious goals are set. Belonging to a team that collaborates increases our feelings of happiness at work.

Executive Coaching Builds Collaboration

Executive Coaching Creates Positivity

When we experience a solution-focused positive environment, our levels of satisfaction, engagement, and happiness increase.

Executive coaching focuses on the solution rather than the problem and is based on a non-judgemental approach.

To be in a context that is free from criticism, judgement, and defensiveness is to be free to express your thoughts and feeling without fear, and this increases our happiness.

Executive Coaching Promotes Uniqueness

As we experience executive coaching that allows us to express ourselves fully and without needing to filter what we say, we are encouraged to be our unique selves rather than needing to conform to be accepted.

Leaders who promote coaching promote diversity as they stand back from taking control or dominating their own culture and views. When a leader's philosophy is to develop and grow others to express their true selves, our happiness is increased.

Executive Coaching Helps Make Tasks Enjoyable

When executive coaching means we have control over our tasks, our opinions and ideas are valued, and we feel challenged without judgement or criticism.

In a positive collaborative solution-focused environment that coaching promotes, our tasks become more enjoyable to complete. Ownership and responsibility for tasks increase, and this, in turn, increases our happiness at work.

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Having reviewed our top 5 ways that executive coaching can increase happiness at work, if you are interested in establishing a coaching culture that boosts happiness, engagement, productivity and agility in your organisation or developing your own coaching leadership style, then contact our experienced and highly skilled coaches and facilitators at The Leadership Coaches.



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