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Leadership Coach

Working with organisations including Panasonic Europe, Financial Ombudsman Services, The London Clinic, The Ardonagh Group, Alzheimer’s Society, Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), NHS and Fanatics, Simone is recognised as a leadership coach who develops organisational and leadership capability, engages in, and leads strategic change and diverse teams across several sectors.

Drawing on the experience acquired throughout her 20-year HR career, Simone employs various approaches to her leadership coaching. Working with individuals and teams, Simone provides a safe and non-judgemental thinking space.

Inviting clients to consider new possibilities in relation to the challenges they face and or critical decisions they are contemplating, Simone assists clients as they comprehend their beliefs and values and the impact of these on their behaviours. In doing so, they can recognise their blind spots and deal with any limiting beliefs.

By enabling greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence, Simone empowers clients to recognise their full range of capabilities leading to increased confidence, resilience, creativity of thought and refining of their leadership style.

Clients describe Simone’s coaching style as calm, warm, results-focused, challenging, and inspiring.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Executive coaching

  • Developing and sustaining authentic leadership and Emotional Intelligence effectiveness

  • Building and inspiring confidence and capability 

  • Improving effectiveness in leading and managing change, resilience, and engagement

  • ​Transitional Coaching 

  • Team coaching and leadership development initiatives including 360 feedback sessions 

  • Dealing with and managing Imposter Syndrome and Unconscious Biases

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Employee engagement

Qualifications and Professional Memberships:
  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) – Individual Accreditation 

  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM7) – Executive Coaching Accreditation 

  • EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence diagnostic) Certification

  • Time to Think™ facilitator 

  • Engage (Change and Motivational Diagnostic) 

  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Certification

  • SHL Occupational Personality – Level A & B Certification

  • BA in Economics and Japanese and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 

  • Certified Foundation in Team Coaching (Global Team Coaching Institute - EMCC Accreditation)    

  • Strengthscope (Strength based Diagnostic) 


I was coached by Simone during a period of quick progression during in my career where I wanted to work with someone to help me identify my unique strengths, focused areas of development and to challenge me in how I could be a better professional and people leader. Trust is everything and Simone’s approach builds a space where you can reflect and be supported, and even surprised at times, something that’s only possible with the experience Simone brings to the discussion. Constructive challenge and accountability was important to me and Simone consistently delivered on this in our time together which meant I always felt like I was progressing and actions/achievements from previous sessions would build on each other, with thoughts and ideas being connected every time. Simone’s professional experience, natural charm and effective natural use of tools and approaches felt seamless in our sessions and helped me develop actions I could immediately implement post our meeting and others to progress over time without being overly directed to a solution – where the real skill of coaching lies.

Simone is very supportive and non-judgemental, and creates an environment of total openness and honesty. She has the ability to dig into the topics to get to the underlying issue or area that we really need to discuss that either isn’t obvious to me at the start or I’m (perhaps) avoiding. I 100% trust the conversation and the intent behind any questions, challenges etc. Working with Simone helped me successfully transition from CFO to MD/CEO. It gives me an objective, challenging and supportive forum during a period of significant change, but always with a focus on turning the insight gained in the sessions into positive action. I have had lots of feedback from my team and the business about how they have seen me grow and develop into the new role. Working with Simone, I’ve also been able to better consider my reactions and understand the impact I have, for example a) gaining a better perspective so I neither overreact to or underplay issues and b) the confidence to address the causes of frustration in a constructive, less emotional way (which has really worked). In summary, though Simone’s coaching, I feel I am better equipped to thrive with the greater uncertainty, variables, scrutiny etc. that comes with being in a senior role.

Simone has been providing coaching support to our charity since 2016. I am one of a number of people benefiting from her coaching at Hospice for Hope and I am really grateful. She is an active listener, using various techniques and questions in getting me to reflect and see things from a different perspective which have helped me to identify solutions, make strategic decisions and improve myself as a leader. Her approach covers both practical/operational aspects but also organizational, cultural and leadership-related. One of the many benefits of working with her is that she has helped me identify challenges before they had a chance to become real problems, allowing me to address them properly. Simone is extremely skilled, experienced and is also flexible, discreet and allows you a lot of space, encouraging you to be creative.

At The Leadership Coaches, we know just how important it is to select the right coach and provider for your coaching needs, which is why we offer no-obligation chats with our senior leadership team.


When you book a no-obligation chat with us, we'll take the time to learn more about your needs. We'll listen to you and ask questions that support us in understanding how coaching could support you.

From here, we'll identify two or three of our credible coaches who we believe would be ideal for you to work with. We'll then arrange a few coaching chemistry calls for you, to ensure the chemistry is right for coaching.

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