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Leadership Coach

Terry is a dynamic and enthusiastic leadership coach and facilitator who ensures that all learning is bespoke to clients.

Having coached senior managers in the maritime sector manufacturing submarines and C-suite executives in the financial sector, Terry supports managers and leaders across a wealth of industries to improve performance in themselves and their teams.

Using Systemic Team Coaching as his primary approach, Terry is passionate about empowering teams by better understanding their own and others’ perceptions. This approach enables teams to work better as a team and improve communication amongst themselves and their key stakeholders. Terry additionally encourages teams to review their systems and processes to ensure better-run meetings and increased motivation of their direct reports.

When coaching individuals, Terry takes the time to fully understand the individual’s point of view by actively listening and asking thought-provoking questions that unlock new thinking within the client.

Through his coaching, Terry brings real gains in emotional intelligence by raising self and social awareness, helping clients better manage themselves and relationships productively and purposefully. Terry also has experience sourcing the root cause of any problems to help teams and individuals create effective processes that provide solutions to their issues.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Leadership, Management and Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Personal Performance

  • Change Management

  • Communication

  • Values Alignment

Qualifications and Professional Memberships:
  • CMI Coach / Mentor Level 5

  • Total SDI Practitioner

  • MBTI Practitioner

  • PRISM Practitioner

  • Axiometrics Facilitator

  • Core Strengths SDI (Relationship Intelligence)


Terry was an outstanding coach and was instrumental in helping me develop my character and emotional intelligence. His guidance has been ingrained into my mind for a lifetime. Thank you, Terry!

Terry was my first encounter of a coach in the corporate world, and although this is the case, I doubt I will come across anyone who cares about coaching to such an impressive level. His ability to develop rapport in such short amounts of time allows his guidance to not only be accepted, but to be respected. The lessons he taught me will have a lasting effect on me throughout my career, particularly the different ways of dealing with the array of people I will come across in my life. Terry has provided me with guidance to move forward in my new endeavour at Atos, and I will stay in touch with him throughout my career as his talent is first class. Thanks Terry!

Terry is great fun to work with and has an incredible aptitude for getting to the real causes of client issues using the Axiometrics™ Profile and then building solutions which are unique to the customer to drive their very specific desired results. A true creative, inspirational and flexible, with no end of resources to ensure that clients are able to take away tools and techniques which are most relevant for their individual needs.

At The Leadership Coaches, we know just how important it is to select the right coach and provider for your coaching needs, which is why we offer no-obligation chats with our senior leadership team.


When you book a no-obligation chat with us, we'll take the time to learn more about your needs. We'll listen to you and ask questions that support us in understanding how coaching could support you.

From here, we'll identify two or three of our credible coaches who we believe would be ideal for you to work with. We'll then arrange a few coaching chemistry calls for you, to ensure the chemistry is right for coaching.

If you're ready to find out more, click the button below and select a suitable time and date to chat with us.

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