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Scouller's Three Levels Of Leadership

In his book the Three Levels of Leadership, James Scouller identifies that leadership has 3 levels: personal, private (leading other individuals) and public (leading a team of people or teams of people).

Scouller's Three Levels Of Leadership

  • Public leadership is about engaging and leading a team

  • Private leadership is about engaging and leading individuals

  • Personal leadership is about how you lead yourself and reflect on your private and public leadership to hone and develop your overall leadershipknowledge, skills and behaviours.

Pause for a second and consider how others would rate your public and private leadership? What are your own thoughts? What do you do to sharpen your saw when it comes to personal leadership?

Most high performing leaders work with leadership coaches, this is to to help them identify their strengths and development areas, they seek out opportunities to learn more about themselves and others and hone their knowledge, skills and behaviours to unleash the talent that's hidden within.

The better the leader is at personal leadership, the better the impact on the private and public leadership.

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