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Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Model

Introducing our leadership model of the week; Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Model.

Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Model

The Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Model shows the continuum of leadership decision making.

On the left side of the model leaders, make the decisions and tell the team what they will be doing and to the right, the team are provided with sufficient information and empowered to make the decisions and act upon them.

There's no one right place to be. The situation and the context should always be considered when choosing where the decision making should be taken.

For example, if a deadline is looming and an immediate decision is required, the leader will take action and assert their decision-making power, sometimes this will motivate and engage the team, and other times it won't.

The key to success for the leader is knowing where to position themselves in each leadership decision-making moment.

Consider the decisions you are making surrounding the response to the pandemic.

What decisions are you making and what helps you choose your position on the continuum?


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