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The Leadership Model of Contribution

Introducing our Leadership Model of The Week; The Leadership Model of Contribution by Drs. Gene Dalton and Paul Thompson.

Based on the research of Drs. Gene Dalton and Paul Thompson, the Four Stages of Contribution Model was created, in which we see how the contribution links to the leadership development strategy.

The Leadership Model of Contribution

Perhaps, now more than ever, forward-thinking organisations are turning their attention towards how this pipeline is further developed through:

- Identifying strategic priorities of their leadership teams and pipeline talent

- Analysing gaps and needs

- Creating on-the-job learning opportunities

- Bespoke leadership coaching and mentoring

- Impactful leadership & management development programmes

Indeed, we are working with organisations to progress their leadership talent, but no off-the-shelf solutions here, we partner with you to understand where you need to see the difference.

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